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tv   Good Morning Tri- State 430 AM  ABC  March 9, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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expect a mix of clouds and sun today with more clouds than yesterday. isolated showers are possible. highs wi still be warm thanks to gusty south winds. we'll reach the upper 60s to low 70s. tonight, a few showers are possible with lows falling into the mid to upper 50s. a missing middletown mother and her toddler son may have been found... more than one- thousand miles away from the tri-state.kallie carnes and her child have been gone for nearly a week... but not everyone is convinced this mystery has been solved. nine on your sides ashley zilka joins us with who she may be with. josh wells is not convinced that kallie carnes and his son have been found safe in florida. the father of 22 month old grant was granted emergency custody by a warren county judge tuesday.wells and his family spent most of the night searching the area for both of them.carnes and grant were last seen wednesday at their home on parkview drive
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posted this on facebook. "just got a call from my daughter kallie carnes. she is in florida with her father. she is not with josh craft. thank the lord her and grant both r safe and sound."police have said it is possible kallie is traveling with joshua craft. misdemeanor assault on grant. he now has a no contact order and his family- they say they get an official statement from the warren county sheriff's office and grant is back home. turning to democracy 2016... 2016...primary tuesday actually became primary wednesday... with the final contest in hawaii decided just a few hours ago. ago.the winner in the g-o-p caucus there... donald trump. and he's once again
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trump also came away with wins in michigan and mississippi. ted cruz was the only other republican to win a state... taking idaho.g-o-p establishment candidates continue to struggle stopping trump's message... and growing delegate count... despite a barrage of attacks from his opponents. they didn't do so well tonight folks, okay? i'm not going to say anybody didn't do well. they didn't do well. there's only one person who did well tonight. donald trump, i will tell you." you."one candidate who didn't do well... marco rubio.he didn't win a single state... and faces a tough matchup next week in his home state of florida... where trump is surging. one g-o-p presidential candidate who beat the odds... ohio governor john kasich. kasich finished in a strong second in michigan... just behind trump.he's counting on strong support from voters here in ohio... and the rest of the midwest... to finally
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and you know, we're all familiar with march madness and now the home-court advantage is coming north. and next week, we are going to win the state of ohio and it will be a whole new race racekasich finished third in mississippi... ahead of ted cruz. on the democratic side... a major upset in michigan... as bernie sanders won the critical battleground state. it's a sharp blow to front runner hillary clinton.sources say her campaign is shaken by the close democratic race there.clinton did pull off a win last night in mississippi... and still has a commanding lead in delegates. the focus now shifts to the buckeye state... one of the biggest prizes in the presidential primaries.and that means we'll see a lot more of the candidates in the coming days.9 on your side's john genovese with how they'll try to win *your* vote. eyes on the prize--the buckeye
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battleground in the race for the nomination "theres an energy again that comes in when you have a presidential candidate coming to town" on wednesday -- former president bill clinton will begin in columbus... campaigning on his wife's behalf. around 6-o- clock he'll appear in dayton for a fundraiser at the convention center. then, on friday--"we're putting a team of about 25 people together just to address this event because this is a great event -- not just for fuyao but for the community" governor john kasich is planning a town hall- style meeting at 'fuyao glass' in of his several events leading up to next week's primary. and saturday--"we are starting to get some contact in through not only our office but across the city and the township" donald trump will hold a 10- a-m rally at the dayton airport expo center. the latest numbers -- showing him with just a 3-point lead over kasich in the republican run for ohio -- and still within that poll's margin of error. nine is on your side to help make sure your vote is counted. you'll see two races
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for *at large*... and one for district delegates.ohio is a winner take all state... but the old law requiring a vote on those district delegates remains on the ballot. "all the votes for both contests will be talled and reported election night, but as far as awarding the delgates, it is by the at-large contest." contest."so here is the bottom line... only the votes for the "at large" delegates will matter a week from tonight. both the "at large" and "district" races will be counted. but it is the "at who wins ohio. waking up this morning with nothing... after flames destroyed their middletown home. home.officials tell 9 on your side the fire on 19th avenue near minnesota street started yesterday evening... after a worker using an aerosol can got too close to a water heater.the woman inside the home and her son were at an appointment... and arrived
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flames.they're being helped by the red cross. expect a mix of clouds and sun today with more clouds than yesterday. isolated showers are possible. highs will still be warm thanks to gusty south winds. we'll reach the upper 60s to low 70s. tonight, a few showers are possible with lows falling into the mid to upper 50s. traffic meeting with parents...details on what school leaders at madison high school are doing
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community's fear at rest. a chance to say goodbye... thousands of people... expected to pay their respects to nancy reagan in the next two days.details on her
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the family members of students at madison high school will get a chance tonight to talk with school leaders.of course... it follows the shooting that sent four students to the hospital. the first in a series of parent-teacher conferences will begin tonight at six p-m... inside the school's
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they want to make students and their parents feel safe about returning to the classroom. another meeting will be held thursday night. a tri-state teen who admitted to causing the drunk driving accident that killed one of his friends... will learn his punishment this morning. 18-year-old tristan lacey entered the guilty plea last month... in the death of mark valentine.lacey was drunk behind the wheel of his car when he crashed on beckett ridge boulevard on december 26- th.valentine was riding in the back seat... and died after being taken to the hospital. lacey will be sentenced at 11-30 this morning. also due in court this morning... this man... 28-year old delfon blair.cincinnati police say he trashed a room at the fireside motel on monday.when officers showed up to arrest blain... he punched one of them in the face.he's charged with assault and vandalism. visitation will begin today for former first lady nancy reagan... who passes away on sunday at the age of 94. 94.reagan will lie in repose
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presidential library in simi valley, california from one until seven today.then again on thursday from ten a-m to two p-m.she'll be laid to rest during a private service on friday next to her husband... president ronald reagan... on the grounds of the library. expect a mix of clouds and sun today with more clouds than yesterday. isolated showers are possible. highs will still be warm thanks to gusty south winds. we'll reach the upper 60s to low 70s. tonight, a few showers are possible with lows falling into the mid to upper 50s. a fresh start for the bengals in 2016...the names who may be on the way out following january's heartbreaking loss to the steelers.where they could be going. total eclipse...half of the world gets a look at a rare sight in the skies...the next
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gmts anim"you're watching good morning tri-state at 4:30 on 9
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the cincinnati bengals are poised to move forward after a disappointing ending to the 2015 n-f-l season. season.the official nfl 2016 season begins at four p-m... when free agency begins.and some of the bengals' biggest stars could be on the move. among those who could have a new home... cornerback and return specialist adam jones. the dolphins... falcons... ravens and the cleveland browns are all interested in talking to him.but it appears the jets dropped out of the running last night. another bengals player possibly being wooed by hue jackson and the browns... wide receiver marvin jones.jones is one of the top free agents on the market... and the browns reportedly have him at the top of their list.he may also find a place in detroit... after calvin johnson retired yesterday.
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on the move... cleveland browns quarterback johnny manziel.the team is expected to release the troubled player as early as this afternoon. head coach hue jackson said earlier this year that he has no plans to put up with bad behavior... which was aimed at manziel's off-field issues. the family of a 12-year-old boy... shot and killed by a cleveland police officer more than a year ago... may soon have a small measure of closure. the family of tamir rice and the city of cleveland appear to be moving towards a settlement.according to court documents... both sides say they're willing to resolve the case without a trial.rice was playing with an airsoft gun at a cleveland park in november of 2014... when officer timothy loehmann shot him. an ohio police officer who joked about a black lives matter protestor who committed suicide is now out of a job. police in fairborn say officer lee cyrwrote -quote- "love a
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following the death of activist marshawn mccarrell.officials say cyr was off duty when he posted the comment... but his actions violated the department's social media policy. there are some new concerns this morning about your child's test scores... and whether technology is helping or *hurting* in the classroom. classroom.ohio state school board members found large discrepancies in grades for tests taken online... compared to those taken on districts that tested online received "f" grades nine times as often as districts that used paper and pencil.ohio's department of education is disputing those findings. nine teenagers are suing ohio's secretary of state over the right to vote.the teens... who are all 17... say secretary of state jon husted is refusing to allow them to vote in next week's primaries. they'll be 18 at the time of the general election in november.but husted says the law banning 17-year-olds from primary voting has been clear for 30 years.
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of state)"we didn't make this up. this is the way it's been. there's nothing new here. this is my sixth year as secretary of state. every primary that i've been involved in has been run by the same rules." rules."meanwhile... democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders has filed a similar lawsuit in federal court.he says ohio is trying to prevent 17-year-olds from voting in the primary. we didn't see it here in the tri-state...but a total solar eclipse wowed people across indonesia.'s a look at the eclipse from nasa.nasa says it was best seen in parts of indonesia... and partially visible to people in northern australia, singapore and hawaii.the next total solar eclipse is set for august 20-17... and will be seen across a narrow band across the u-s. now let's check in with with
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first warning weather. weather. tomorrow, we'll see mostly cloudy skies and a higher risk for rain. the best rain chance will be after 10 a.m. and last into the night. highs as a result of the clouds and showers will be cooler in the mid to upper 60s. rain exits early friday morning, leaving us with partly cloudy skies friday afternoon and highs in the low to mid-60s. rain
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traffic big trouble for the big mac. the protests in one country
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mcdonald's... that has nothing to do with food. kosher country is leading the way when it comes to medical research and it could eventually
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expect a mix of clouds and sun today with more clouds than yesterday. isolated showers are possible. highs will still be warm thanks to gusty south winds. we'll reach the upper 60s to low 70s. tonight, a few showers are possible with lows 50s. more pedestrians are being hit and killed by cars in ohio. ohio.a new report by the governors highway safety administration finds that 56 pedestrians were killed in ohio during the first half of 2015.that's up 125-percent from the same period in 2014. ohio was one of 26 states that saw an increase in pedestrian deaths.the number of deadly accidents involving pedestrians was up 20 percent in kentucky... and six percent in indiana.
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restaurants has been closed after a worker came down with norovirus. norovirus.two other workers at the massachusetts restaurant are suspected of having the virus.there are no reports of ill customers.this comes after a nearby chipotle closed... after 150 of its customers caught the noro-virus back in december.chipotle is also reeling from an e-coli outbreak at several of its locations. there's controversy this morning for mcdonalds.some religious groups in taiwan are calling for a boycott after the fast food giant released this video... showing a son coming out to his father.the commercial's gone viral and has recieved praise from the country's president... but others say it's promoting the l-g-b-t agenda. it's no laughing matter for comedian katt williams... who's now facing charges for a *second time* in the past two months. months.williams will be in a georgia courtroom this morning... following his arrest yesterday on charges of assault and terrorist threats. police say williams and his
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bodyguard with a baseball bat back in february.police also found a large amount of marijuana and firearms at the comedian's home. it's "kosher" cannabis.but its developers say it's no joke... and could one day help people here in the tri-state. researchers in israel are growing new strains of cannabis that could one day treat *specific* diseases.some strains don't have any t-h-c... which is the chemical that makes you high.instead... they're filled with a chemical that's been shown to have medical benefits. (ezri peleg, chief agronomist, tikun olam) "i believe we are scratching the beginning about what there is to learn about cannabis plants." plants."relaxed laws have made israel one of the world leaders in medical cannabis research and development. reaching out to leaders and parents... coming together for some healing following a school shooting.the forum that's taking place this evening. scientific proof...why patriots quarterback is breathing a little easier this morning... thanks to a middle
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helping students in the wake of a tense moment.what the madison school officials are putting together for the district. the primaries of tuesday night are now in the books.we'll tell you how governor kasich faired overall...and what he's promising to do in his home
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parents at madison junior-senior high school will hear from teachers about how to ease their students back into the classroom environment.... this comes a little more than a week after a shooting that left four students injured. 9 on your side's kristen swilley joins us in studio with what's happening today. madison local schools announced on its facebook page that parents and guardians are invited to a forum tonight in the school's auditorium... nine days after that shooting...and we will hear for the first time from the school's resource officer today. that's kent hall. he will speak publicly about the shooting today at 2 o clock. the parent forum scheduled for tonight is the first in a series of meetings designed to make parents and students feel comfortable in that building again after a gunman believed to be 14-year-old james austin hancock opened fire inside. four students were injured.


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